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5 Reasons to Switch from Job Boards to Recruiters Post-COVID-19

5 Reasons to Switch from Job Boards to Recruiters Post-COVID-19

Whilst returning to work is unclear in the foreseeable future, at some point, Australian businesses will be expected to awaken from their hibernation and quickly return to full productivity.


In many (perhaps most) cases, this will involve recruiting new staff to replace those who were let go in March, or who found new jobs in less-affected industries during the shut-down period.


In this article, we present 5 strong reasons why you should use a professional recruitment firm to assist you with this task, and show you how you can afford to do just that.


Visibility: With the likelihood that tens of thousands of new job ads will be posted in the same 2-week period, it is going to be very hard to make your jobs visible in online job boards. Professional recruitment firms start with a database of suitably qualified candidates that can be contacted directly.

Capacity: With an unemployment rate that is forecasted to grow from 5% to >10% during the shutdown period, you are likely to receive 10 times the number of applications for every position you advertise. Many of these will be “rubbish”. Imagine receiving 1,000 applications (instead of the usual 100), and allow 10 minutes to read and sort each application. This will require an extra 150 hours of applicant screening, just to create a long list of suitably qualified applicants. Do you really have the time for that?

Focus: Re-starting a business that has been in hibernation for months is not an easy task, and will require you and your management team’s absolute focus. Can you really afford to take key people away from this task to focus on recruiting new staff?

Competition: At the same time as you are re-starting your business, your competitors will be doing the same thing. Any loss of focus or failure to return quickly to full productivity is likely to cost you market share. On the flip side, using a professional recruiter whilst your competitors are distracted by the demands of internal recruitment might just give you a competitive edge.

Risk: Independent research shows that over 50% of candidates mis-represent themselves in their CVs, and 30% tell blatant lies. As millions of unemployed Australians join the scramble for new jobs, these numbers are likely to increase, and the probability of making a bad hire will increase accordingly. In short, there has never been a better time to leave it to the experts.


Making Professional Recruitment Affordable

“That’s all very well, but I can’t afford to pay professional recruiters at the best of times. Let alone when I am cash flow strapped and trying to re-start my business”, you say?


We hear you!


That’s why you need to consider using HirePay to fund your next wave of recruitment.


HirePay allows you to split your recruitment fees into 4 easy monthly instalments and is approved in seconds. No financial information required.


HirePay allows you to focus on the monumental task at hand, whilst your choice of professional recruiter gets busy finding you the new staff you need.

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