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Cash Flow Relief For Growing Businesses

If you are reading this article, you already understand that the “apparent contradiction” in the headline (why would a growing business need cash flow relief?); is not a contradiction at all.

The reality is that every business faces cash flow hurdles as it scales from one operating level to the next.

Whatever the cause of this cash flow crunch, it typically hits faster and harder than expected and is brought on by a combination of factors that fall into the category of “nice problems to have”, such as:

  • Recruiting, training and paying new staff in advance of them becoming dollar-productive
  • Funding increased production, inventory and delivery costs to meet growing demand, in advance of being paid
  • Building a new e-commerce enabled website or mobile app to make your product or service more readily available
  • Moving and fitting out new/ larger office, warehouse or retail space

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Of course, “nice” as these problems might be, they still require funding.

And for growing businesses they often hit at the most inconvenient time… just when the business overdraft has been maxed-out to fund a previous growth need.

Enter BizPay 

BizPay provides a quick, easy and very affordable funding solution for growing businesses.

Using the increasingly popular “buy now, pay later” mechanism, BizPay enables businesses to:

  • Upload any invoice ($2,000 - $200,000) to their website 
  • Spread payment of that invoice over 4 - 6 months
  • For a very affordable fee equating to 1% of invoice value per month

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Best of all, with BizPay

  • The online application process is quick and simple (no detailed financials required)
  • You receive funding approval in minutes
  • Your supplier gets paid in full within 24 hours

So, relax! Stop fretting about how you are going to fund your continued growth out of your overstretched cash reserves. And BizPay it!

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Written by BizPay

BizPay is a seamless technology platform that solves cash flow challenges associated with paying business invoices. The company was founded to help businesses grow better by enabling them to use top suppliers and professional service providers. Frictionless, transparent and affordable, innovative payment products allow businesses: to split bills into 4 easy instalments and/or receive full invoice payment in 24 hours to grow their businesses without being constrained by cash flow.