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Digital Payment Advancements For Your SMB You Don't Want To Miss

The last thing you need to worry about is letting your small business fall behind in the latest trends and technology, but it can be hard to know which technology upgrades will suit your needs and your business goals.


E-invoicing could save your SMB over $40,000 a year! This isn't clickbait, it has been reported that embracing digital strategies such as e-invoicing could save Australian small to medium businesses thousands. 

How may you ask? Strategies such as e-invoicing ensure greater accounting accuracy, easier record keeping and higher security. As well as freeing up alot of time so you have more time to focus on more important priorities such as developing new products and attracting new customers. 

SAP reported that there has been an important rise in SMBs adopting digital technologies to advance their operations. Their research shows that 88% whom switched to e-invoicing said it was an easy transition with some transitioning without any external support. 

For more information check out Small Business Connections' blog post.

Online Payment Gateway

Have you ever spent so much time double-checking, even triple-checking your business transactions that come through your website or online store? Think of this gateway as an online point of sale that is integrated with your online checkout to securely process your transactions. This can save you time, even given you the versatility to accept a wide range of payment options, it easily adapts and scales with your business growth. 

Getting the right type of payment gateway is an important decision for your e-commerce site. Some payment gateways can be industry-specific and have specialised functions.

To find out more about payment gateways, managing overseas sales and different gateway types check out Small Business Connections' blog post.

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Buy Now, Pay Later

Are you wanting to optimise your business cash flow, need assistance growing your business or eliminate late payment issues? Buy Now Pay Later is the latest finance technology aimed to solve cash flow challenges by giving your customers more payment flexibility.

Here at BizPay we specialise in business-to-business invoicing payment transactions allowing an easy and affordable payment solution that will let businesses collect full payment of all your invoices within 24 hours; whilst enabling their clients to spread their payments over easy monthly instalments so both parties can grow their businesses without being constrained by cash flow.

Ultimately buy now pay later payments solutions are designed to make services more accessible despite your cash flow situation making professional services like recruitment, marketing, IT and consulting more affordable for all businesses. 

Know it's never too late to make changes, and there is always assistance out there to help your small business thrive and drive digital changes in the future.



Written by BizPay

BizPay is a seamless technology platform that solves cash flow challenges associated with paying business invoices. The company was founded to help businesses grow better by enabling them to use top suppliers and professional service providers. Frictionless, transparent and affordable, innovative payment products allow businesses: to split bills into 4 easy instalments and/or receive full invoice payment in 24 hours to grow their businesses without being constrained by cash flow.