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Staff Shortages

How to Overcome the Small Business Staff Shortage

From long lockdowns to changing restrictions, supply and staff shortages, it's been a tough time for most business owners during this pandemic.

Although hospitality and retail sectors have been opening their doors once again, the new small business woe is battling staff rostering, staff shortages and the staff they do have are isolating. Experts suggest that 'businesses begin to think differently about talent acquisition and shift their focus from skills to attributes when recruiting, remember that experience and skills are transferrable between industries & roles.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to battle your staff shortage woes. 

  1. Social Media - they say communication is key! Keep your customers up to date if you have to close your doors due to staffing issues, also when you're back open. Spread this message across multiple social sites including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter so you reach a wider audience. 

  2. Google My Business - make it easy for customers to find you! This is an invaluable tool to let customers know who you are, what you do, direct more traffic to your website and your opening times. If you do have to close suddenly due to staff shortages or run different hours, you can easily update your opening hours or mark your business as temporarily closed.

  3. Finance - keep your cash flow in check the easy way. We know it's been a tough year and profits may be down. But there's no need to worry about any cash flow troubles you may be facing. BizPay prides itself on supporting small businesses and their finances! Get those pesky invoices covered by paying in 4 so you have more cash flow to support other expenses such as paying your staff. 

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  4. Employees - keep your staff happy! Employees and business owners are both facing the struggles of work during the pandemic. From the loss of hours due to restrictions, forced isolation time and business closures your staff may have also lost their income along the way also. Remember to support and reward staff who have shown up, dedicated their time so your business can start thriving once again. 

Read more about what the experts are saying about the current labour shortage trends. 



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